Alpsam is a white, self-adhering, high performance, thermoplastic roofing membrane compounded with a proprietary combination of PVC, and Dupont™ Elvaloy® resins reinforced with dispersed polyester fibers.
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SDS 60/15
SDS 35/15
SDS WS 60/15

Product Highlights

  1. Alpsam may be used in a low slope or dead flat application
  2. Alpsam is certified by Underwriters Laboratories as meeting requirements of its Class A fire rating in various system configurations.
  3. Alpsam has Factory Mutual approval for Class 1-90 with various insulations.
  4. SRI Rating of 90.66
  5. Alpsam requires no ballast. With the membrane weighing less than 1/2 lb. per square foot, minimal additions to present deck loads can be achieved using Alpsam.
  6. Alpsam has been proven resistive to a wide range of chemicals, however, when roofs are exposed to harsh chemicals, a welded seam is always recommended. Consult with the Hyload Technical Department to determine which product to use for your specific application or to obtain a Chemical Resistance Chart.
  7. Alpsam can be fully adhered to the substrate offering excellent resistance to wind uplift. Point stressing, which can occur with systems requiring mechanical fasteners to secure the membrane, is not a problem with Alpsam.
  8. Alpsam‘s Elvaloy® sheet is manufactured without liquid plasticizers permitting the use of stronger more resilient raw materials and a unique bonding adhesive system. The membrane’s properties remain intact longer since plasticizer migration does not occur as is the case with many other Thermoplastic membranes which use liquid plasticizers.

Applications and Packaging


  • Roof Covering
  • Vertical Applications


  • White Colored Membrane
  • 3’ x 50’ Rolls
  • Special sizes available upon request.
  • 35 Rolls per pallet
  • 60 lbs. per roll (standard size)
  • Available in 50,60, and 75 mil thickness


Substrates and Performance Properties

  • The substrate should be smooth, level, clean, and dry.
  • Dead load capabilities of the deck and supporting structure must be sufficient to support the load of the new system.
  • Alpsam can be installed directly over existing substrates, approved insulation cover board, or base sheets after all have been properly primed.
  • Alpsam can be used as the surface membrane in a built up system

Performance Properties

ElongationASTM D412170%
Tensile StrengthASTM D4121300 lbs/in2
Tear StrengthASTM D624270 ppi
Density @ 70%80 lbs/ft2
Low Temperature Flexibility37-GP-56MPass
Water Absorption37-GP-56MLess than 0.1%

Technical Data

Hyload provides technical data as well as installation instructions, details, and specification information to authorized roofing contractors, engineers, architects, and specifiers. This information can also be provided to designers in various formats used by engineering professionals. Contractor field training, as well as in-house instruction, is used to develop certified applicators nationwide. In conjunction with The Technical Department, field inspections are performed by Hyload Representatives trained to perform pre-bid, job progress, and final inspections.

Limitations and Warranty

  • Alpsam cannot be used with coal tar mastic but can be applied over coal tar roofs with appropriate separation. Phased construction is not approved.
  • Vertical flashings may not exceed 18” in height without installing a termination bar or other approved method of fastening.
  • Alpsam should only be applied when temperatures are 45°F and rising.
  • Alpsam should not be applied directly over insulation. The use of HyGlass, or comparable recover board is recommended. HyGlass must be primed with a quick-drying water-based primer such as HyBond, or HyPrime primer. Fastening must be completed following Hyload specifications or the insulation manufacturer’s specification if more restrictive. When Factory Mutual standards are required, refer to the FM Approval Guide and latest supplement.


Hyload makes available to its customers several high performance product warranties.  Contact Hyload’s Corporate Office directly for details. A standard warranty is 10 years.