Hyload 90 ̊ Angle Extrusion

Polymeric, reinforced membrane, incorporating DuPont’s Elvaloy® KEE polymer extruded into a 90 ̊ Angle.
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Product Highlights

  1. Hyload 90 ̊ angle extrusion can be used to create special transitions in the field for flashing, roofing and waterproofing
  2. Can be used horizontally, or in vertical applications.
  3. Compatible with most sealants.
  4. Can be hot air welded.
  5. UV Stable

Applications and Packaging


  • Vertical below grade
  • Vertical parapet
  • Vertical Above grade
  • Horizontal applications.


  • Black Colored Membrane
  • 1” x 1” x 40mil
  • 25’ or 50’ lengths


Technical Data

Hyload provides technical data as well as installation instructions, details, and specification information to authorized waterproofing and Masonry contractors, engineers, architects, and specifiers. This information can also be provided to designers in various formats used by engineering professionals. Contractor field training, as well as in-house instruction, is used to develop certified applicators nationwide. In conjunction with The Technical Department, field inspections are performed by Hyload Representatives trained to perform pre-bid, job progress, and final inspections.



Hyload makes available to its customers several high performance product warranties. When used in conjunction with the HyTUF Flashing system, a lifetime building warranty is offered when approved. Contact Hyload’s Corporate Office directly for details. A standard material warranty is 10 years.