AquaBarrier Tapes

IKO AquaBarrier™ Tapes are self-adhering, cold-applied composite sheet membranes that provide an effective barrier against water, moisture vapor and air leakage in a variety of flashing details in all climates.
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Product Highlights

AquaBarrier™ Tapes are made by integrally bonding high-density, cross-laminated woven polyethylene film to SBS modified rubberized asphalt. They are cold-applied, self-adhering sheet membranes that provide superior performance in critical flashing areas where protection from air, water and moisture infiltration is required. AquaBarrierTM Tapes are black in color and have a back surfacing of a silicone treated paper that is easily removed. All AquaBarrierTM Tapes are shipped in shelf-friendly packaging for easy handling and display.


    • Window and door openings
    • Wall-to-Wall tie-ins
    • Sheathing/sill “splashback” area
    • Corner Boards
    • Deck-to-Wall intersections
    • Sheathing panel seams
    • Foundation/sill Capillary Break


AquaBarrier Tapes