12 Jan Case Study: Commercial Building in Akron, Ohio

Case Study: Commercial Building in Akron, Ohio

Project: Commercial building needing through-wall flashing
Location: Akron, Ohio


A 335,000-sq.-ft. prominent brick high-rise building in Akron, Ohio faced exterior and interior wall damages caused by moisture trapped behind its brick façade. The structure’s current through-wall flashing was aged and eroding, which caused issues with the brick tie back brackets.

The moisture caused two major issues: deteriorating wall ties and falling brick due to small areas of delamination. Interior wall covering problems and IE Mold were other noted moisture effects. Fortunately, there were no injuries, but the failed flashing was a serious situation that needed to be addressed immediately.

With continued complications, the building owner began investigating solutions. The facility’s biggest priority was keeping the 19-story building operational during the construction project, while providing a safe work environment for tenants.

W.L. Tucker Supply was selected as the supply distributor for the project because of its proximity to the project and the manufacturer.

Recommended Solution

W.L. Tucker Supply and Grunwell-Cashero, the contractor, performed a joint analysis of the moisture situation. The building’s architectural firm ultimately selected Hyload products for the project, having experienced success with Hyload’s flashing materials on several previous jobs.

Hyload worked with the local distributor and contractor to set fair pricing on the material.

“The project was specified with our material from the beginning,” said Dave Afanador, business development manager, Hyload.

“After the project was awarded, we worked with the distributor to ensure that the material was readily available to the contractor.”


To meet the building’s through-wall flashing needs, Hyload recommended its Flashing SA Black with drip membrane as well as Hyload’s membrane adhesive and four-inch end dams (a preformed shape). The flashing product was a custom-sized material width, which saved Grunwell-Cashero installation time.

“The cavity wall ranges between different inches, so we narrowed it down to a 16-inch flashing, which Hyload accommodated us by custom making it,” said Steve Gasper, superintendent Cleveland division, Grunwell-Cashero.

The preformed end dams were also a time-saver on the project. Instead of cutting, folding and gluing the flashing, the four-inch end dam were simply put in place and adhered. Flashing was then placed over top.

“And not every brand has those,” Gasper explained.

Additionally, Hyload provided its membrane adhesive in large containers to meet contractor needs.

“We’re going through miles of adhesive and instead of putting them in cartridges, they actually started making sausages that hold more for us,” Gasper said.

“They are very accommodating, and it’s a good product.”

Because of the success of this sized-container, it has now become the norm for Hyload’s Masonry Flashing segment.


Through the collaborative work of Hyload, the architectural firm, Grunwell-Cashero and W.L. Tucker Supply, the building owner successfully replaced its existing through-wall flashing with Hyload’s superior product.

Gasper said he has exclusively used Hyload products for the past four years, two on this commercial building and on his previous job.

The custom-made pieces allowed for time and cost efficiency.

“If they didn’t custom make that, we’d be cutting at least six inches off the flashing, which is a waste. And they adjusted the price for us,” Gasper added.


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