Hyload S-A SYNTHETIC BUTYL with Drip Membrane

The Hyload S/A Membrane is a composite membrane. The top layer is a 25-30 mil polymeric, reinforced membrane incorporating DuPont’s Elvaloy® KEE polymer. The bottom layer is 10 to 15 mils of high performance synthetic butyl adhesive. At one edge of the SA with Drip Edge Membrane,the butyl adhesive is held back 1-1⁄2”.The butyl adhesive layer is covered with a release paper, which is discarded after installation.
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Product Highlights

  1. Recommended to adhere all Hyload membrane systems
  2. No primer required
  3. Not effected by high alkaline environments typical of masonry construction
  4. Hyload Systems will not deteriorate or harden with longevity or ultra violet ray exposure
  5. Hyload’s Technical Service Department offers specialized advice through a highly experienced technical staff to aid the construction process.
  6. Hyload provides architectural design service, contractor training and job site assistance
  7. Lifetime Building Warranty available when total Hyload flashing system is used.
  8. For specifics consult the Hyload Technical Department.

Applications and Packaging


  • Through-Wall Masonry Flashing
  • Door Jam Flashing
  • Window Jam Flashing
  • In conjunction with Hyload Pre-Formed Shapes
  • Building Envelope Flashing


  • Standard Widths
  • 12”, 18” ,24”, and 36”
  • Special widths available upon request.


  • ALL Hyload Membranes
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Concrete, Block, and Masonry
  • Stainless Steel

Performance and Physical Properties

Performance and Physical Properties:

Property Test Method Results
Elongation ASTM D412 225%
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 875 psi min
Tear Strength ASTM D624 270 ppi
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM D146 -12ºPass
Water Absorption ASTM D471 <0.1%



  • Hyload S/A w/o DRIP Membrane should not be applied to moist or damp surfaces.
  • Hyload S/A w/o Drip Membrane should only be applied when both air and surface temperatures are 20°F and rising.
  • Hyload S/A w/o DRIP Membrane cannot be used with coal tar mastic or polysulfide sealant.


  • Cannot be applied over a surface contaminated with dust or debris.


Hyload makes available to its customers several high performance product warranties.  Contact Hyload’s Corporate Office directly for details. A standard warranty is 10 years.