Hyproof Polyester Re-inforcing Fabric

Polyester fabric is an unsaturated spun bond nonwoven fabric used as the reinforcement of two coat build LAM waterproofing systems. The fabric provides tensile strength and helps control the thickness of the LAM application.
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Product Highlights

Used to adhere all Hyload membranes to concrete and other rigid substrates such as concrete, masonry block, steel, FRP, and wood. It is compatible with both coal tar and asphalt products, as well as most other commonly used roofing materials. It is designed for application with extruded beads from 28 oz. cartridges. Each 28 oz. cartridges will provide approximately 67 linear feet of 1⁄4” x 1⁄4” bead.


  • Provides added strength and tear resistance Will not absorb moisture or rot
  • Porosity allows interplay adhesion between build coats of the LAM system
  • Resists damage from acids and alkalais in soil

Applications and Packaging


  • Polyester fabric is unrolled onto the first coat application of LAM.
  • Ensure that the fabric is ‘wetted out’ and is lying flat with no wrinkles.
  • Overlap the fabric by a maximum of 1⁄4” and ensure that no dry mat- to-mat overlaps are present.
  • Gaps between the fabric are acceptable if they do not exceed 1⁄4”.
  • Polyester fabric rolls should be stored on end and protected from the elements.


  • Polyester fabric is packaged in varying rolls sizes. A typical roll will cover approximately 1,000 sq. ft. and weigh 12 lbs.

Hyproof Polyester Re-inforcing Fabric

Substrates and Performance Properties


  • The substrate should be smooth, level, clean, and dry.

Performance Properties

PropertyTest MethodResults
Fabric WeightASTM D 37761.475 oz/sq yard
ThicknessASTM D 17779.5 mils
Tensile/Elongation, MDASTM D 503532 lb/in / 28%
Tensile/Elongation, CDASTM D 503515 lb/in / 35%
Tear Strength MD / CDASTM D 57339 / 16 lbs

Technical Data

Hyload provides technical data as well as installation instructions, details, and specification information to authorized waterproofing contractors, engineers, architects, and specifiers. This information can also be provided to designers in various formats used by engineering professionals. Contractor field training, as well as in-house instruction, is used to develop certified applicators nationwide. In conjunction with The Technical Department, field inspections are performed by Hyload Representatives trained to perform pre-bid, job progress, and final inspections.

Limitations and Warranty

  • Hyproof LAM is not intended for use with a permanently exposed surface
  • In areas where prolonged chemical exposure is anticipated, contact Technical Services for recommendations
  • Do not use in above grade applications without a protective UV barrier
  • If Hyload LAM is to be coated with a UV barrier, test for asphalt staining before coating
  • Do not store in elevated temperatures
  • Remove all coatings and sealants before application
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 35°F (2°C)


Hyload makes available to its customers several high performance product warranties. Contact Hyload’s Corporate Office directly for details. A standard warranty is 10 years.