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ElastiKote 900 WP Complete More info

ElastiKote® 900 WP Complete is a flexible, elastomeric, ready-to-use single component, fluid-applied, solvent based 100% rubber waterproofing membrane that is applied in a two-coat application process. ElastiKote 900 WP Complete does not require insulation, drainage or protection panels.

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ElastiKote BOND-TUF Tape More info

ElastiKote® BOND-TUF reinforcement tape is an easy-to-use, flexable, water-tight tape designed to seal gaps in EPDM roofing applications. It is also used to seal gaps between the insulation, drainage, or protective boards adheared to ElastiKote below grade waterproofing (ElastiKote WP 500).

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Spun Laced Polyester Fleece Scrim ReinforcementMore info

In some instances, reinforcement scrim may be needed to be used in conjunction with the Elastikote coating and mastic. Elastikote sells polyester scrim in 4”, 6”, 12”, 24”, 40”, and 72” widths

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