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AquaBarrier™ TG More info

IKO AquaBarrier™ TG are torch applied SBS membranes designed for use as either the air/vapor barrier or waterproofing in building systems.

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AquaBarrier™ Tapes More info

IKO AquaBarrier™ Tapes are self-adhering, cold-applied composite sheet membranes that provide an effective barrier against water, moisture vapor and air leakage in a variety of flashing details in all climates.

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HyDrain 200 More info

A prefabricated product that consists of a solid, formed, three dimensional core covered with a nonwoven polypropylene filter fabric. The fabric is bonded to each dimple and retains soil particles while allowing maximum water collection into the drainage core. The core provides an uninterrupted path for water to flow to designated drainage exits.

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HyDrain 350 More info

A prefabricated sheet drains are designed with a 30,000 psf core to meet your most demanding horizontal application design loads. The dimple core design offers significantly higher flow rates and better protection to waterproofing membranes than geonets.

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HyDrain 456 More info

A prefabricated sheet drain that is constructed using a high strength, high flow capacity, formed polystyrene drainage core with a nonwoven filter fabric bonded to one side. The filter fabric is securely bonded to each dimple and prevents soil intrusion into the flow channel while allowing water to freely enter the drain core from one side.

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Hyproof GL More info

A coal tar elastomeric (CTEM) waterproofing membrane. Its primary components are coal tar pitch, PVC, and DuPont ® Elvaloy ® KEE resin.

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Hyproof LAM (Liquid Applied Membrane) More info

A high quality, moisture curing elastomeric waterproofing and sealant designed to fill, seal and level grout lines, voids, seams and surface damage on construction materials prior to application of liquid waterproofing.

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Hyproof SOM (Spray On Membrane) More info

A cold applied, moisture cured, single component waterproofing membrane using polyether technology. May be used in a two-ply, fabric reinforced application or in a single ply application. Fast curing elastomeric membrane which cures into a seamless monolithic rubber-like system that is resistant to thermal shock.

Hyproof Polyester Re-inforcing Fabric More info

Polyester fabric is an unsaturated spun bond nonwoven fabric used as the reinforcement of two coat build LAM waterproofing systems. The fabric provides tensile strength and helps control the thickness of the LAM application.

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Hyproof with Fleece More info

A high performance, thermoplastic, coal tar elastomeric (CTEM) waterproofing membrane. Its primary components are coal tar pitch, PVC, and DuPont ® Elvaloy ® KEE resin with a 30-40 mil polyester fleece adhered to the back side.

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