A Word from Our General Manager


Hyload, Inc.’s focus is supplying our customers with high-performance, top-quality roofing, waterproofing and masonry through wall flashing products. We’ve learned the best way to serve customers and continuously develop superior products is by working together to create a positive employee-focused environment. Starting this endeavor was simple: treat everyone kindly.


“Employee Engagement” is a term thrown around in business, but we believe it’s more than just a pat on the back for a hard-working employee. At Hyload, we identified employee engagement through our set of core values.


Our six core values are:

  • Shared Knowledge: working together to transfer information and insights;
  • Integrity: being honest, respectful, responsible and accountable;
  • Long-term: every decision must consider the present and the future impact on all stakeholders;
  • Performance: challenging ourselves to improve;
  • Humility: creates honest, open and respectful interactions; and
  • Agility: keeping an open mind, considering alternatives, and being prepared to make timely decisions, based on knowledge, experience and sound information.


To get employees involved, we focus on one core value each quarter. Our staff writes stories about how they exemplify the attribute. Awards are then presented to select employees for their value initiatives.


Our team members take ownership of their own ideas and this motivation trickles down to our superb customer service.


Fostering a thriving environment for employees allows us to create an innovative culture that centers on progress. When people are happy to come to work, collaboration increases.


Working cohesively allows us to serve our customers efficiently. Change is embraced by creating an adaptable environment that will ensure our future. We keep evolving and innovating, together.


Dave Jentzsch, general manager