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Save Yourself Time & Energy With The A.C.E. Advantage


Become an approved applicator and experience the Hyload A.C.E. Advantage today!

When architects are looking to use Hyload products, they reach out to see who is an approved applicator in their region.

In addition to being a preferred applicator, with the A.C.E. Advantage contractors will benefit from:

Quick Field Assessments

Depending on the complexity of the space, it could take 20 minutes to one hour just to shape a part in the field. With Hyload’s preformed shapes, there is no field modifications needed.

Custom & Preformed Shapes

Hyload’s team had contractor time on its mind when they created a line of commonly specified preformed shapes. Instead of a contractor needing to form shapes to requirements, our products are ready to go from the start. These injected or vacuum molded one piece shapes assist in easy detailing of inside and outside corners as well as other common protrusions and transitions. Additionally, Hyload created extrusions to accommodate some of the non-customary shapes needed.

Product Compatibility

Beyond time-saving measures, Hyload’s membranes are compatible with almost all other membranes or sealants because of its chemistry.

We’re in the business of producing superior products that make your job easier. Become an approved applicator today! Already an approved applicator? Schedule an on-site demonstration of how Hyload products can save you time.

Become an Approved Applicator

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