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Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) Testing, Verifying


vector mapping leak detection

EFVM™ (Electric Field Vector Mapping) technology is a standard option for testing and verifying system integrity on Hyproof waterproofing systems. Intended to be used in lieu of traditional flood testing, EFVM™ is provided by International Leak Detection, and various independent third-party agencies that will provide our customers with unbiased, detailed reports.

This state-of-the-art service is another example of Hyload’s commitment to long-lasting, trouble-free performance.


Advantages of the Electric Field Vector Mapping process for leak detection:


  • Superior to traditional flood testing methods
  • Effective on exposed, ballasted or concealed membranes
  • Can be employed on vertical, sloped and flat surfaces
  • Ponded water will not affect the EFVM integrity test
  • Locates membrane breaches with pinpoint accuracy
  • Eliminates unnecessary and costly removal of overburden to locate the membrane breach
  • Membrane repairs may be re-tested immediately
  • Permanently installed EFVM components facilitate re-testing throughout the lifecycle of the membrane


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