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New Through-Wall Flashing System

Hyload, Inc. announced today at the World of Concrete 2016 Exhibit a new through-wall flashing system: HyTUF (The Ultimate Flashing) – backed by a lifetime warranty for the commercial/industrial construction industry.

“Our HyTUF flashing system has the chemistry and design that can outlast the life of buildings,” stated Dave Afanador, Business Development Manager with Hyload. “This lifetime warranty is the proof to architects that their reputation is secure when specifying HyTUF flashing system for their building projects. In addition, enterprise/building owners are protected from worry that windows or doors on their buildings will leak at some point during the buildings’ life. The HyTUF flashing system will give them the security that they can sleep at night with zero worries.”

Beyond the benefits to architects and enterprise/building owners, Hyload’s HyTUF system is quicker to install than competing flashing systems. Its preformed finishing shapes and pre-assembled (EZ Flash™) systems enable contractors to complete two or more jobs in the same time as one. The advantage to contractors, in addition to that for architects and enterprise/owners, comprises the A.C.E. Advantage™ that Hyload products offer to the industry. All Hyload systems, including HyTUF flashing, HyTOP™ roofing, HyGRO™ green roofing and HyDAM™ waterproofing systems, deliver huge advantages to architects, contractors and enterprise/owners.

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