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Hybase MF-95-SS

Hybase MF-95-SS

High performance modified bitumen, fully adhered base sheet using a tough, non-woven, reinforced polyester mat strengthened with select glass fiber strands, coated on both sides with select SBS polymers and premium asphalt.

  1. HyBase MF‑95‑SS Base sheet possesses a fine mineral surfacing to provide enhanced adhesion with either cold applied adhesives or mopping asphalt.
  2. HyBase MF‑95‑SS Base is an excellent choice as the “lay flat” base sheet in a layered membrane construction system.
  3. Both sides are sanded to allow installation via mopping asphalt or a Hyload approved cold process adhesive.
  4. For Specifics consult the Hyload Technical Department


  • Roof Covering
  • Waterproofing applications


  • Black
  • 87mil thickness
  • 39.4” x 49’ Rolls (161 SF)
  • 32 rolls per pallet
  • 3 ½” selvedge
  • The substrate should be smooth, level, clean, and dry.
  • Dead load capabilities of the deck and supporting structure must be sufficient to support the load of the new system.

Performance Properties

Product Properties Unit Standard Limit
Strain Energy lbf/in (kN/m) 31.41/17.13 (5.5/3)
Static Puncture * lbf (N) 33.72 (150)
Tear Resistance lbf (N) 4.5 (20)
Lap Joint Resistance lbf/in (kN/m) 22.84 (4)
Dimensional Stability * % Max ±0.5%
Plastic Flow in (mm) < 0.2 (5 mm)
Low Temperature Flexibility 0f (0c) Pass
Dynamic Impact Resistance ft lbf (J) 6.64 (9)

Hyload provides technical data as well as installation instructions, details, and specification information to authorized roofing contractors, engineers, architects, and specifiers. This information can also be provided to designers in various formats used by engineering professionals. Contractor field training, as well as in-house instruction, is used to develop certified applicators nationwide. In conjunction with The Technical Department, field inspections are performed by Hyload Representatives trained to perform pre-bid, job progress, and final inspections.

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