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HyKote™ SEBS Mastic

HyKote™ SEBS Mastic

HyKote SEBS Mastic is a flexible, high performance, watertight, puncture-resistant ready-to-use single component fluid applied styrene ethylene butylene styrene (SEBS) reinforced liquid resin. HyKote™ SEBS Mastic is used in various restoration and waterproofing liquid applied membrane applications.

When combined with a spun-laced high performance polyester fleece scrim, SEBS Mastic will form a monolithic, self-flashing and self-adhering reinforced waterproofing membrane for a variety of roofing restoration applications, such as: EPDM, Granular surfaced SBS modified bitumen, Hypalon, APP, KEE (Elvaloy®), PVC, Smooth Surfaced Asphalt BUR, Galvanized metal, Kynar®, Plywood, TPO, Smooth Surfaced Coal Tar Pitch BUR, Spray Polyurethane Foam, and Concrete.

HyKote™ SEBS Mastic can be utilized in the following applications where it may or may not be used in concert with polyester reinforcement. Reinforced (R) Non-Reinforced (NR).

  • Metal roofs preparation process at horizontal seams (R), vertical seams (NR), penetrations (R), flashings (R), and fastener heads (NR)
  • Restoration repair and reinforcement of expansion joints, transitions, and curbs (R)
  • Repairs (reinforced as necessary)
  • Flashings (R) (use SEBS Mastic for angles less than 90˚) (use SEBS Mastic and Reinforcement for 90˚ angles)
  • Seam repair (R)
  • Vertical flashing seams (R) HyKote™ SEBS Mastic is available in white or silver in 5–gallon re-sealable pails.

HyKote™ SEBS Mastic is manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 Registered facility located in Seville, Ohio.

Physical Properties

Viscosity (cps) 300,000 +/-50,00
Density @ 77°F 7.5 lb/gal = +/-0.05
Application Caulking tube assembly, Brush, Roller or Trowel
Shelf Life (in Unopened Container) 2 years
Coverage 22 – 26 sq ft/ gal
Approx. 45 – 50 linear ft/gal of 4” wide BAND by 3/16” depth depending on substrate

Fastener encapsulation rate at approximately 250 – 260 individual units per gallon with a dollop on each unit.

Although HyKote™ SEBS Mastic contains formulated reinforcement, it is designed to work in concert with reinforcement scrim in all applications except when reinforcing the vertical seams of metal and when “dolloping” metal fasteners.

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