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Hyload’s Roofing Systems for Commercial Building Waterproofing

Hyload membrane roofing systems for waterproofing are a reliable, long-lasting solution to projects below-grade, above-grade or a plaza deck.

Our diverse moisture mitigation systems are the most effective and versatile options on the market and are completely compatible with other Hyload systems including roofing and masonry through-wall flashing. Providing buildings with a full line of systems for total water protection that are tough, durable and element resistant.

HyProof – HyProof waterproofing systems consist of a coal tar elastomeric membrane made from a blend of coal tar, PVC, and elvaloy. The combination provides unmatched properties making HyProof ideal for waterproofing applications including durability, toughness and chemical resistance. See HyProof Products

HyKote™ – HyKote™ waterproofing products are strong, and protective liquid-applied systems that are excellent for both vertical and below-grade applications. HyKote™ is an all-rubber polymer containing no asphalt and provides superior strength, durability, and protection against moisture. See HyKote™ Products

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