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Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement?

Whether your building’s roof has experienced considerable damage, has a few leaks, or is breaking down from age, there are several considerations that will help you determine if you should replace or restore your roof.

Factors such as age, appearance, and climate can indicate whether you should restore or replace your roof.

Considerations for a Commercial Roof Restoration

What is the condition of the building’s roof? If there are only a few areas with damage, those sections can be repaired without a full roof replacement. A commercial roof restoration addresses many problems. Here’s how to determine whether a roof restoration is right for you:

  • Cost Effective – If your roof is still in decent condition, a roof restoration will cover any minor problems while keeping the costs low.
  • Condition – If your roof is old but still structurally sound, it can be restored for years to come.
  • Lifetime – With proper maintenance, a restored roof can last for years. While there are several options for roof restoration materials, if you decide to use a coating application, a roof can be re-coated every 10 years to maintain its condition. Other material options that may vary in longevity include metal, EPDM or TPO, built-up, and modified bitumen.
  • Project Turnaround Time – Compared with a roof replacement, a restoration is often less time consuming as far as labor and less disruptive for building tenants. In addition to a speedy repair, it also lowers labor costs.
  • Tax Benefit – A commercial building roof restoration can be classified as a maintenance expenditure on your taxes unlike a replacement roof, which is considered a capital expense.

For commercial roofing systems restorations, contractors typically use products that can be applied over the current roof’s surface. For example, Hyload offers HyKote™, a seamless, watertight spray coating that can extend a roof’s life for up to 10 years.

commercial roof replacement
Commercial roof with an applied HyKote spray coating

Commercial Roof Replacement Factors

Under some circumstances, replacing your commercial building roof may be more advantageous than restoring it – especially if the roof’s structure has been compromised due to water absorption, erosion, and severe rust (of a metal roof).

You may also require a commercial roof replacement if the wrong roofing material or application was used when the roof was originally installed. The building envelope experts at Hyload are proficient in determining an ideal solution for different environments, weather conditions, and building designs.

A few signs you might need a roof replacement:

  • Roof age – between 20-30 years old
  • Curling, splitting and buckling of the existing membrane
  • Leaks throughout the roof causing soft spots and wet insulation
  • Scrim reinforcement visible
  • Deteriorating flashings
  • Extensive granule loss
  • Daylight can be seen through membrane and around penetrations

Other Commercial Roof Repair Replacement Considerations:

  • Cost – The cost of a replacement roof will be more significant than a restoration. A replacement roof often requires more preparation, materials, and labor.
  • Lifetime – Depending on the type of material used, a roof replacement could last from 10-20 years, if not longer. However, its life can potentially be extended up to 10 additional years with a product like HyKote, which can be applied on old and new roofs.
  • Season – A replacement roof should be installed during the summer, as the materials typically need time to dry.
  • Project Turnaround Time – Overall, a roof replacement will take longer than a restoration because it takes time to remove the old roof. Ask your contractor if they can install the new roof over the old to save time and money.

For roof replacements, Hyload’s single ply membrane is a great solution. Learn more about all of our roofing solutions.

Whether you need a roof restoration or replacement for your commercial building, consider the lifetime value and available warranties for the roofing solution you select. For longevity, it’s important to do your research and find the best products for the job.

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