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Ultimate Protection from the Most Powerful Natural Disaster

In 2017 hurricanes Harvey and Irma blasted the U.S. coast with winds exceeding 130mph, causing incredible structural loss. During that summer, the Alief Independent School District re-roofed six different school buildings just weeks before Hurricane Harvey came ashore. See how Hyload’s long-lasting commercial roofing systems withstood the worst that nature can offer, protecting these schools from catastrophic loss.

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Featured Case Study

Hyload protects school roofing systems in North Texas during heavy rain and hail.

Schools in North Texas need roofing systems that can withstand significant and brutal conditions, while also protecting people. Students and staff can be present when storms arrive, and a roof that fails could be costly in more ways than just time and money. See how Hyload provided unique solutions to both the roofing system and its warranty as time goes on and inclimate weather poses potential property damage.

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