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Hail Protection System: A Hyload Roofing Membrane Success Story

Location: North Texas


The weather in the southwest can be unpredictable. Rain will beat down on a roof with a vengeance, but that isn’t the worst of it. The saying “everything is bigger in Texas” is well known and applies to hail in Northern Texas. Commercial roofing systems in the region must withstand heavy rain, wind, and Texas-size hail that can be bigger than a baseball.

When these extreme storms surface, they can cause lasting damage to the building envelope, requiring time and money to remedy. Schools, however, don’t have the luxury of budget and, more importantly, weeks of repairs that can cut into their year’s education schedule.

Schools in North Texas need roofing systems that can withstand significant and brutal conditions, while also protecting people. Students and staff can be present when storms arrive, and a roof that fails could be costly in more ways than just time and money. Weather conditions provide unique challenges to both the roofing system and its warranty as time goes on.

The goal of every school district in North Texas is to have reliable roofing systems to withstand the elements and provide a level of safety and security for students, teachers and other staff.

Recommended Solution

For almost four decades, Hyload has helped schools in North Texas with their roofing systems. With quality-backed warranties, our field and lab tested roofing systems assure continued protection against the onslaught of storms and specifically hail.

“Since the early 80’s Hyload has manufactured roof products that have performed to unprecedented standards,” said Dave Afanador, Hyload’s business development manager. “They have been specified and applied to roofs in some of the harshest conditions. It’s one thing to warrant a roof material on a building; it’s quite another to stand behind that warranty, or better yet, not have failures to warrant.“

Hyload currently has 1,035 active warranties, and a majority of those are school districts. Of that number, 835 have additional hail protection systems that have been added since 1997 to bolster their confidence against adverse weather.


To meet the harsh conditions needed to sustain North Texas weather, we recommended the Hyload 150E roofing membrane. H150E is a high performance, thermoplastic roofing membrane.

Along with H150E, Hyload also suggested an Alproof with Fleece roofing membrane as an extra hail protection system. Alproof is made in a similar way to 150E, but it has an added 50 mil thick 5.0 polyester fleece adhered to the back.

The H150E and Alproof membranes are responsible for the protection of many roofs in the North Texas region. Along with other Hyload products, like sealants and adhesives, the membranes have held up under rigorous weather conditions.

“Hyload roofing materials are applied with the specification that is necessary to attain a 4” diameter hail insurance rider, and they have performed year after year,” Afanador said.


Hyload’s roofing system implementations in North Texas have outperformed and outlasted the competition for decades, proving that they are one of the most trusted commercial roofing suppliers to school districts.

Faced with extreme weather, including torrential rains, high wind, and hail, Hyload’s roofing membranes speak for themselves. We are continually trusted to outfit school districts in the region and add about 50 new warranties each year.

“The warranty claims that Hyload has paid in the last five years are due to routine maintenance on the roof to ensure the integrity of the specified warranty,” Afanador said. “None of these claims have been a full roof replacement due to hail damage.”

Installations don’t just hold up against varying weather conditions; they last far beyond expectations. Some school districts might have gone with other manufacturers, but they quickly find there is no real competitor for Hyload or their roofing systems.

“There have been several incidents in specific school districts that have added buildings to their campuses, and used a different manufacturer’s roof system on the new build, with an aged Hyload roof next to it,” Afanador said. “After a hail event occurred, the newer roof system was destroyed, and the aged Hyload roof withstood the event. Needless to say, the replacement to those destroyed systems ended up being with a Hyload system.”

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