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Through-Wall Masonry Flashing Products

Hyload’s through-wall masonry flashing was one of the first high performance, long-lasting, flexible flashing systems in the United Kingdom. Decades later, Hyload is still a flashing industry leader, holding a significant portion of the market and continuing to manufacture products in Seville, Ohio.

Proven reliability, a user-friendly system, and ease of application for contractors make Hyload’s through wall flashing products the choice for today’s construction industry.

HyTUF – Hyload’s tough, waterproof masonry flashing products provide an excellent barrier against moisture that is long lasting and continuous throughout the life of a structure. A Hyload HyTUF flashing system comes with the assurance of a lifetime warranty. See HyTUF Products

IKO Modbit – IKO AquaBarrier flashing products and accessories are known for their high-performance in-wall membranes with superior resistance to air and moisture. Designed and engineered to exceed industry performance for durability, reliability, and longevity. See IKO Modbit Flashing Products

Flashing Systems Projects

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