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Architects face several challenges when choosing an ideal wall flashing membrane system for commercial buildings. Not only does wall flashing protect a building’s interior walls from moisture, it also works to deflect potential damage throughout the structure.

As a building’s main defense against moisture, consider the following wall flashing membrane system tips, including locations where it is needed, how to choose materials, and installation best practices.

1. Evaluate Wall Flashing Locations

While preparing for a project, flashing should be considered for the following areas:

  • Drainage walls – use at any interruptions in the drainage cavity
  • Bases – use at any wall bases
  • Openings for windows or doors
  • Copings and caps
  • Over mechanical penetrations

2. Choosing the Right Materials

When determining which wall flashing membrane system materials are ideal for the building’s structure, consider the following requirements:

  • Toughness – Should be able to resist puncture
  • Durability – Resist corrosion or deterioration
  • Easily formed to shapes/sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to staining adjacent masonry and other building materials
  • Easy to seal, lap, and form

3. Installation Best Practices

For installation of wall flashing membrane system materials, consider the following best practices:

  • Install through-wall flashing on a smooth surface
  • Make sure that metal flashing joints allow for expansion/contraction
  • End dams should be used at each end of the flashing runs to prevent moisture from finding a way around the membrane
  • Weepholes should be installed in the first course above flashing at intervals not exceeding 800mm

Hyload’s Superior Wall Flashing Membrane System

Hyload has over 25 years of experience with through-wall masonry flashing. Since our company’s introduction, our high-performance flexible flashing membrane system has made us a market leader.

In addition to offering a versatile product line, which includes preformed shapes and self-adhered membranes, Hyload’s products can be used for any type of building.

Features and Benefits of the Hyload Masonry Flashing Advantage Include:

  • Three high-performance membranes
  • Three-dimensional preformed shapes
  • Sealant compatibility with urethanes and silicones
  • Four membrane colors
  • UV stable

Hyload Wall Flashing Solutions:

Hyload Wall Flashing Commercial Building Results

Hyload’s through-wall flashing system provided a successful solution for a commercial building’s deteriorating wall ties and falling brick due to small areas of delamination. In addition, the building also had interior wall covering problems and IE Mold.

Using Hyload’s Flashing SA Black with drip membrane, adhesive and four-inch end dams (a preformed shape), the contractor was able to successfully replace the existing through-wall flashing with a superior product.

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Ready to take the next step? Improve your through-wall flashing system by contacting our team.

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