Learn about Hyload’s masonry flashing systems

Through-Wall Masonry Flashing Systems

Backed by over 25 years of proven performance, Hyload Through-Wall Masonry Flashing was the first-ever high-performance flexible flashing membrane system, originating in the United Kingdom. Since its introduction, our masonry flashing has maintained the position as market leader in the U.K. and is now manufactured in the U.S. by Hyload, Inc. in Wadsworth, Ohio.

The extensive market research and proven performance make our flashing invaluable for today’s construction. The user-friendly system not only provides the specifier with a quality-assured design, but ease of application for the mason as well.


Flashing Products

Preformed Shapes

– Injected, or vacuum molded one piece shapes to assist in easy detailing of inside and outside corners as well as other common protrusions, and transitions.

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Jamb Closure Membrane

– The Hyload Jamb Closure Membrane is an 8” or 12” poly-reinforced membrane, incorporating DuPont’s Elvaloy® KEE polymer (40 mils) and 4” of rubberized asphalt (15 mils) with a silicone release paper.

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Self Adhered Membrane

– The Hyload S/A Membrane is a composite membrane. The top layer is a 25 mil polymeric, reinforced membrane incorporating DuPont’s Elvaloy® KEE polymer. The bottom layer is 15 mils of SBS rubberized asphalt. The rubberized asphalt layer is covered with a release paper, which is discarded during installation.

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EZ Flash Prepacked Flashing System

– The Hyload EZ-Flash Membrane System is a combination of poly-reinforced membrane, incorporating DuPont’s Elvaloy® KEE polymer (40 mils) and an extruded termination bar, and drip-edge made from the same material, heat welded together in a system for easy installation.

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AquaBarrier™ TWF

– AquaBarrier™ TWF is made by integrally bonding a high density cross-woven film to SBS modified rubberized asphalt.

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AquaBarrier™ AVB

– IKO AquaBarrier™ AVB is a self-adhesive, cold-applied, SBS modified composite sheet membrane designed to act as an air and vapour barrier in a variety of wall systems.

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AquaBarrier™ TG

– IKO AquaBarrier™ TG are torch applied SBS membranes designed for use as either the air/vapor barrier or waterproofing in building systems.

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AquaBarrier™ FP

– IKO AquaBarrier™ FP is a self-adhesive, cold-applied, SBS modified composite sheet membrane designed to provide long-lasting and dependable primary waterproofing protection from the damaging effects of water.

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AquaBarrier™ Tapes

– IKO AquaBarrier™ Tapes are self-adhering, cold-applied composite sheet membranes that provide an effective barrier against water, moisture vapor and air leakage in a variety of flashing details in all climates.

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Accessories, Sealants & Primers

– Find the complementary products to complete your project.

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Hyload Flashing Membrane can be used in all wall construction flashing applications: commercial, industrial and residential. Flashing membrane is sealed to the Cloaks by using Hyload Flashing Adhesive. The flashing membrane is secured to the backup wall by either tucking into a CMU joint, or by use of a termination bar. The Brick Institute Association and Hyload recommend that flashing be extended through the wall 1/4″ to form a drip.



The Hyload Masonry Flashing Advantage

  • Three high-performance membranes
  • Three-dimensional preformed shapes or cloaks
  • Sealant compatibility with urethanes and silicones
  • Four membrane colors
  • UV stable

The architectural design and the method in which you physically incorporate our flashing membrane into a building can vary.

To support today’s construction needs, Hyload produces three different types of membranes for use in different applications: