Total Overhead Protection

An industry Leader in long lasting roofing membrane systems…time tested 30 years and beyond!

Green Roof Optimum

The only singular layer membrane system that exceeds performance of multilayer systems!

Dynamic Aqua Barrier Membrane

The most dynamic waterproofing systems to provide super protection against the most harsh and unpredictable environmental conditions!

The Ultimate Flashing

The first and only flashing system to be backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

Roof Coating, Roof Repair and Waterproofing Membrane

The most energy-efficient, watertight, light reflective, Energy Star solutions!


From roof to foundation, Hyload delivers superior protection against water intrusion damage, safeguarding investment in:
  • Building infrastructure
  • Interior finishing
  • Furniture, equipment, other contents

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The A.C.E. Advantage Program

Hyload products deliver a lower life-cycle cost to:
Architects • Contractors • Enterprise/building owners

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The Ultimate Flashing System.
Backed by over four decades of proven performance, Hyload’s Through-Wall Masonry Flashing Systems are user-friendly, quality-assured and time-tested. These high-performance systems offer three-dimensional preformed shapes (Cloaks).


Dynamic Aqua Barrier Membrane System.
Hyload’s Hyproof Waterproofing Systems are the most effective and versatile choice on the market. All Hyproof systems are compatible with existing coal tar systems and offer unequaled chemical resistance.


Total Overhead Protection.
Hyload Roofing Systems combine DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE roofing resins with coal tar pitch and polyester fibers. This formula creates a high-performance membrane by linking advancements in roofing technologies with durable components.


Green Roof Optimum System.
A critical component in any vegetated roof assembly is the waterproofing. The Hyproof waterproofing membrane has been tested and certified as a root barrier in such applications. Our membrane offers excellent system integrity.
Featured Product

HyTUF – Case Study

Case Study: Commercial Building in Akron, Ohio
A 335,000-sq.-ft. prominent brick high-rise building in Akron, Ohio faced exterior and interior wall damages caused by moisture trapped behind its brick façade. The structure’s current through-wall flashing was aged and eroding, which caused issues with the brick tie back brackets.

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