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HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic

HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic for Waterproofing

HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic is a flexible, high performance, watertight, puncture resistant ready-to-use single component fluid applied styrene ethylene butlylene styrene (SEBS) liquid resin.

HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic is a flexible, high performance, watertight, puncture-resistant ready-to-use single component reinforced fluid-applied styrene ethylene butylene styrene (SEBS) liquid resin. It is used in various restoration and waterproofing liquid applied membrane applications. (product is designed to conserve labor expense) HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic incorporates special high-performance reinforcement fibers to increase strain energy properties. No additional reinforcement scrim is needed to form a monolithic, self-flashing and self-adhering reinforced waterproofing membrane for a variety of roofing recovery applications such as: EPDM, Granular Surfaced SBS Modified Bitumen, Hypalon®, KEE (Elvaloy®), PVC, Smooth Surfaced Asphalt BUR, Galvanized Metal, Plywood, TPO, Smooth Surfaced Coal Tar Pitch BUR, Spray Polyurethane Foam, and Concrete

HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic can be utilized in the following applications:

  • Excellent choice for stand-alone maintenance leak repair
  • Metal roofs, at seams, penetrations, flashings (@ 90˚ angles)
  • Restoration repair and reinforcement of expansion joints, transitions, curbs and flashings, vertical and horizontal seams
  • Pitch pockets
  • Single Ply, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, and Built Up Roof (BUR) seam repair

To promote long-lasting protection, HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic is formulated to minimize ozone and UV radiation degradation vulnerability. HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic is available in white or silver in 2.5 or 5 – gallon resealable pails. HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic is manufactured in our ISO 9001 Registered facility located in Seville, Ohio.

Physical Properties

Viscosity @ 77°F, cps 400,000 +/-50,00
VOC < 250 g/l
Density @ 77°F 7.5 lb/gal =/-0.05
Permeance 2.88 perms
Shelf Life (in Unopened Container) 2 years
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