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HyKote Labor Sav’R™ Mastic

HyKote Labor Sav’R™ Mastic for Waterproofing

HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic is a flexible, high performance, watertight, puncture resistant ready-to-use single component fluid applied styrene ethylene butlylene styrene (SEBS) liquid resin.

HyKote Labor Sav’R Mastic is a flexible, high performance, watertight, puncture-resistant ready-to-use single component reinforced fluid-applied styrene ethylene butylene styrene (SEBS) liquid resin. It is used in various restoration and waterproofing liquid applied membrane applications. (product is designed to conserve labor expense) HyKote Labor Sav’R™ Mastic incorporates special high-performance reinforcement fibers to increase strain energy properties. No additional reinforcement scrim is needed to form a monolithic, self-flashing and self-adhering reinforced waterproofing membrane for a variety of roofing recovery applications such as: EPDM, Granular Surfaced SBS Modified Bitumen, Hypalon®, KEE (Elvaloy®), PVC, Smooth Surfaced Asphalt BUR, Galvanized Metal, Plywood, TPO, Smooth Surfaced Coal Tar Pitch BUR, Spray Polyurethane Foam, and Concrete

HyKote Labor Sav’R™ Mastic can be utilized in the following applications:

  • Excellent choice for stand-alone maintenance leak repair
  • Metal roofs, at seams, penetrations, flashings (@ 90˚ angles)
  • Restoration repair and reinforcement of expansion joints, transitions, curbs and flashings, vertical and horizontal seams
  • Pitch pockets
  • Single Ply, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, and Built Up Roof (BUR) seam repair

To promote long-lasting protection, HyKote Labor Sav’R™ Mastic is formulated to minimize ozone and UV radiation degradation vulnerability. HyKote Labor Sav’R™ Mastic is available in white or silver in 2.5 or 5 – gallon resealable pails. HyKote Labor Sav’R™ Mastic is manufactured in our ISO 9001 Registered facility located in Seville, Ohio.

Physical Properties

Viscosity @ 77°F, cps 400,000 +/-50,00
VOC < 250 g/l
Density @ 77°F 7.5 lb/gal =/-0.05
Permeance 2.88 perms
Shelf Life (in Unopened Container) 2 years
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