Hyload Flexible Drip-Edge Extrusion

Polymeric, reinforced membrane, incorporating DuPont’s Elvaloy® KEE polymer extruded Drip-Edge shape extrusion.
Tech Data


Product Highlights

  1. Hyload Flexible drip-Edge extrusion can be used as a stand- alone drip-edge, or welded to Hyload Flashing Membrane to create a monolithic masonry flashing system. (see Hyload’s EZ-Flash)
  2. Can be used horizontally, or in vertical applications.
  3. Compatible with most sealants.
  4. Can be hot air welded.
  5. UV Stable
  6. Consult Hyload Technical Department for specific details.

Applications and Packaging


  • Roofing Drip-edge
  • Masonry Drip-edge


  • Black Colored Membrane
  • 2” x 2” x 40mil
  • 25’ or 50’ lengths


Substrates and Performance Properties

  • The substrate should be smooth, level, clean, and dry.
  • Can be mechanically attached to any substrate.

Limitations and Warranty

  • Cannot be applied over a surface contaminated with dust or debris.


Hyload makes available to its customers several high performance product warranties.  Contact Hyload’s Corporate Office directly for details. A standard warranty is 10 years.